The Relationship Between Government and MEDIA.

14 Mar

Media is a crucial part of our every day lives. It is how we communicate with others, seek new information, and connect with new people. In this day and age it is our lifeline to the outside world. It is only reasonable to assume the government feels the same way about media. The government uses different types of media every single day. From commercials and advertising to social media networks- the government has an influential role in every aspect of these technologies. Even our own president, Barack Obama, uses a twitter account daily that is run by his campaign staff while signing his personal tweets  as “-bo”.

A lot of different politicians use social media sites such as twitter in their campaigns. However, social media sites aren’t always their friend… They can actually be used against them or to get their attention.The Weinergate Scandal made headlines when Rep. Anthony Weiner accidentally tweeted an inappropriate picture. So while these things can be helpful to politicians, they can also be their downfall. They have to be extremely careful as to what they put on their sites and I would definitely consider this “ANTISOCIAL” behavior.

An example of how these sites can be informative of political events is the Occupy Wall Street movement. It has raised awareness to their cause through Twitter and Facebook accounts. More and more people, including the government, have been made aware of the things these people are protesting against. A hundred years ago the size of this movement and how fast it grew would have been next to impossible because it would not have reached as many as it has today.

One of the most recent issues being made aware by the Youtube video that has gone viral is Kony 2012. This video has gone viral faster than any other video, ever. It is currently at 76,774,007 views and goes up by at least a million every day. Basically this video is trying to raise awareness to the war that is taking place in Africa and it is calling on the United States government to take action and stop it. This is the first times in history that a Youtube video has had such a huge impact on the actions the government may or may not decide to take regarding this issue. Who knows, it may even have an impact on the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election.

The last topic I’d like to address in regards to our government and their role in media is censorship. One of the biggest forms of mass media that we have is the Internet. SOPA and PIPA are two acts the government is trying to push that will ultimately censor the internet. This video thoroughly explains SOPA and PIPA and the negative effects it may enable.

So as you can see their are prosocial and antisocial factors that play into the government and their role in media.


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